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Quality identification of di-tert-butyl dicarbonate

2018-01-08 11:30
  Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate is also known as BOC-anhydride, abbreviated as DIBOC in English. It is used to introduce amino acid protection genes in organic synthesis, especially for amino acid protection. It is widely used in the synthesis of many products such as medicine, protein and peptide synthesis, biochemical food, cosmetics and so on. Because it is an intermediate synthetic protective agent, its quality directly affects its effectiveness and the quality of downstream products.
For all users of di-tert-butyl dicarbonate, how to identify the quality of the product after receiving the goods is a difficult problem.
The identification of high-quality di-tert-butyl dicarbonate should be started from the following aspects:
1, Appearance:
外观 The appearance of high-quality di-tert-butyl dicarbonate product should be colorless transparent liquid or crystal. If the appearance of the product is slightly yellow, it means that the solvent content in the product is high and it is a non-quality product.
2, main content:
指标 This indicator is a must-have item for product analysis sheets. Although there are many domestic suppliers of this product, the content is generally above 99%, and there are few more high-quality products. The main content of di-tert-butyl dicarbonate produced by Nanjing Shunxiang is usually higher than 99.5%, and it is difficult for similar manufacturers to meet this standard.
3. Moisture content:
The moisture content of high-quality di-tert-butyl dicarbonate should be less than 0.01%.
4. Impurities:
The lower the impurity content, the higher the product purity. The impurity content of di-tert-butyl dicarbonate supplied by Nanjing Shunxiang is usually less than 0.019%, and the di-tert-butyl dicarbonate of high purity products has almost no other impurities.
5. Stability:
High-quality di-tert-butyl dicarbonate, which is less affected by temperature, is not easy to decompose, easy to transport, and easy to store. Jinxiang Chemical's 8-year data statistics: stable and high-quality BOC-anhydride, with a melting point of 22 ~ 25 ℃, the main content decreased by only 0.2 ~ 0.3% within 40 days.
6. Solvent composition:
Whether it meets FDA solvent safety standards. In the past few years, Jinxiang Chemical has researched process refinement and repeated tests. In the production process, it uses solvents that fully meet the requirements of the US FDA. It has produced high-quality di-tert-butyl dicarbonate. Does not contain isopropyl and sec-butyl group impurities, no heavy metal impurities.
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